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Landscape Installation & Maintenance

Atlanta, Georgia, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro and Nashville, Tennessee Landscapers

Oakwood / A.P.C.I. Commercial Landscape offer landscape development services throughout the southeast and neighboring states. Oakwood / A.P.C.I. Commercial Landscape will make your vision a reality utilizing the most cost effective approach to each project. The harmonization of soil, plants, wood, stone, and water blended together create landscapes of lasting beauty and value. Projects include Retail Centers, Office, Industrial, Multi-Family, and Planned Communities.

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Hydroseeding/Erosion Stabilization

Hydroseeding is a method of uniformly distributing seed with required fertilizers to produce a golf-course quality lawn. The grass seed is suspended in a mixture of water, cellulose and wood mulch, and fertilizer. This biodegradable combination is sprayed through a high-pressure hose onto the soil. The consistency provides a uniform spread of seed throughout the sprayed area unlike broadcast or drop spreading, which can leave seed concentrated in some areas and bare in others. In addition, straw spread over the broadcast seed is full of weed seed. The mulch used in hydroseeding creates an environment that retains water and promotes germination. This is the perfect combination for your beautiful lawn or green-space. Because the seeds are held in place by the mulch, washing, runoff, and erosion are inhibited, even on steep banks. We offer silt fence installation, In house Landscape designer, Sod installation, Ground Prep, Erosion Matting and overseeding!

Tree Transplanting Services

Our commercial affiliations help us to stay current with the most modern tools, technology, techniques, and safety principles of working with trees to deliver our customers with the best service possible. Many trees require pruning for the health of the tree as well as hazard control and aesthetic appearance. Common reasons for pruning are to remove dead branches, remove crowded or crossed limbs, and to eliminate safety concerns. Trees may also be pruned to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree's crown or to the landscape below. Mature trees are typically pruned only as a corrective or preventive measure.

Complete Landscape Maintenance

Oakwood / A.P.C.I. offers comprehensive commercial landscape services which include landscape maintenance, landscape design & installation, irrigation services, seasonal color design & installation, and arbor care. Each crew completes a daily log at every site visit which is acknowledged by an authorized staff member on site. This enables Oakwood / A.P.C.I. Commercial Landscape to better communicate with the property owners/management on normal ongoing maintenance items, as well as additional services that may be needed or requested and tasks completed that visit. You may be provided with a copy of this log to retain for your records. Oakwood / A.P.C.I. Commercial Landscape maintenance division is Committed to Excellence.

Ornamental Horticultural Services

Our firm is very proud of our in-house ornamental horticultural services. Since our inception, we have provided our clients throughout the Southeast a beautiful array of flowers coupled with a comprehensive maintenance program included throughout the growing season. The uniqueness of our stylish flower enhancements makes a pleasant environment for all to enjoy. Our arrangement of seasonal color for the apartment industry, interior high-rise condo living or commercial business park districts creates the essence of memorable, beautiful flowering.

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Landscape Installation & Maintenance | Lilburn, Georgia

Oakwood A.P.C.I. is headquartered in Lilburn, Georgia and provides landscape management services to the greater Atlanta area, Georgia, as well as, Chattanooga, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Tennessee and throughout the Southeast.